Retronauts Episode 588: Videopac insiders

what, there's no Dutch word for Odyssey?

Here at Retronauts, I like to think we try our very best to overcome our inherent biases. A majority of our listeners are American, as are the voices on our program. This fact, like it or not, shapes our perception and coverage of video game history.

This week, host Kevin Bunch pushes back against all that with a very special interview episode, one that eschews the United States in favor of Europe. Following up Episode #569, Kevin welcomes former Philips employees Oscar Groosman and Ton Kemmere onto the show to hear their stories about rebranding and releasing the Odyssey 2 as the Videopac in the early 80s.

Description: A rarely-heard European perspective on the Odyssey2 (or Videopac) is revealed as former Philips staffers Oscar Groosman and Ton Kemmere join host Kevin Bunch to discuss their insider perspectives on marketing the console, its distribution, and its end.

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Artwork for this episode by Nick Wanserski and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.