Episode 595 Preview: Modern Remakes

Now with raytracing!

Please enjoy this brief preview of our recent Patreon-exclusive podcast about Modern Remakes. We post two bonus episodes every month for our supporters; go to patreon.com/retronauts for more information and enjoy hundreds of extras today!

Description: In 2023, the world was blessed with two fantastic remakes. Nintendo's Super Mario RPG remake left the original game almost entirely intact while giving the presentation a thoroughly modern coat of paint, while Capcom's Resident Evil 4 remake rebuilt its predecessor from the ground up to suit today's sensibilities. And somehow, both approaches were entirely successful and vaild! On this episode of Retronauts, join Bob Mackey,  Maddie Copp, Gary Butterfield, and Kole Ross (of Duckfeed.tv) as the crew celebrates the fact that everything old is new and also $59.99 again.

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As with all of the episodes Bob produces, this week’s cover art is by Nick Daniel. Check out his Twitter, or patronize his Patreon!