Come see us live at: Midwest Gaming Classic!

As you know! Part of our Patreon commitment to you, the patrons of the Retronauts podcast, is that we will attend three classic gaming events per year and present a panel in front of a live studio audience. We have officially locked down our first such event for 2017, and it will be, once again, the Midwest Gaming Classic. We had a great time at MGC 2016 and figured, "Why not go again?"

See, here we were last year, bookending our special guests:

(Photo swiped from Dylan Cornelius)

So, if you happen to be attending MGC this year (that's April 7-9 in Milwaukee, WI), be sure to sit in for our panel. I believe we'll be presenting on Saturday afternoon. Bob and I will be there, along with two completely different special guests whose identities we'll announce soon. I guess I could announce them now, but where's the mystery in that, I ask ya?

Anyway, please look forward to it. We hope to see you there. Details to follow!