Retronauts Pocket Episode 4

Retronauts Pocket 4 cover

Hey folks, here's today's episode. Pardon this post's brevity, but real life calls and I'm en route to do important day-job things in a few minutes.

Episode 4 of Retronauts Pocket brings to bear the long-awaited Kickstarter backer requests. In this case, a fine fellow by the name of Dave Epp has asked us to speak about Ultima IV. Conveniently, while neither guest Scott Sharkey nor I have played the game in a dog's age, we're both well aware of its innovations and importance -- as are fellow co-hosts Bob Mackey and Ray Barnholt. So kick back for 45 minutes and listen to us speak about this seminal RPG and how it's influenced so many games since its debut.

By the way, there's no music in this episode. People sometimes complain about the use of music to break up different portions of the conversation, so I thought I'd try an episode without. Spoilers: I kind of hate it and won't be doing it again. Sorry, haters!

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Next week: More talk of old video games! More special guests! But fortunately you won't have to listen to me as lead host. See, there is a merciful and just god after all.

Thanks again to Dave Epp and all our Kickstarter backers!