Retronauts Pocket Episode 6: Genesis Accessories

Retronauts Pocket 6

So, last time I (Ray) hosted Pocket, we talked about NES accessories. And rather than just go down the line and talk about the SNES next, I thought there was a much more funky story to tell with the Sega Genesis. The line of Genesis accessories started out fairly normally -- an arcade stick, the Power Base Converter -- but by the mid-'90s, Sega was throwing everything at it, and usually as a clear response to whatever Nintendo was doing: the Menacer light gun was the answer to the Super Scope and looked like some kind of space uzi; the Mega Mouse lived a brief life as it countered the also-shortly-lived Super NES mouse; and the Activator was… certainly something, wasn't it? But among that were important and interesting additions like the official six-button pad, the Sega Channel cable-modem distribution service, and a few others.

On this episode, Bob, Jeremy and Retronauts episode 6 guest Matt Leone join me as I describe these interesting add-ons, and this time, I brought a couple more clips from commercials to spice things up. Hope you like it, and we'll see you next week.

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