Episode 109: The Dig Dug/Mr. Driller multiverse

Journey to the depths of Namco's underground empire.

Hi everyone, I'm about to hop on a plane to head home from a long weekend of Retronauts recordings, but before I leave I need to share this very important podcast with you. We've gone spelunking for information regarding the Dig Dug and Mr. Driller games (which, it turns out, are intimately connected, along with, uhhh, Bosconian). Here, today, are the results. Please enjoy.

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Episode description: Ray Barnholt and Henry Gilbert join Bob and Jeremy to discuss gaming's original expanded universe: Namco's Dig Dug, which turns out to be a part of the same lineage (literally) as Mr. Driller and Baraduke.

This episode's music all comes from the Mr. Driller series. I'd link to the iTunes version, but weirdly you can buy pretty much every Namco album ever from iTunes except for the Mr. Driller series. Bizarre and disappointing!