Retronauts Pocket Episode 10: Recorded Long, Long Ago in a Studio Far, Far Away

Retronauts Pocket 10 cover

Something I've noticed (as has Bob, and I assume Ray as well) about the feedback we've received for Retronauts is that it has a tendency to praise one host or hosting style in a way that tends to diminish the other contributors to the show -- perhaps not intentionally, but that's what subtext is all about, baby. And so it goes. People like different kind of productions, and they're drawn to different personalities. The best thing about the current format for Retronauts (besides its existence, for which thanks again, everyone) is that the three of us all take different approaches to producing our episodes. Bob's super meticulous and organized, and Ray comes in with punchy zingers and well-timed sound drops.

As for me... I've long since discovered that the more carefully I plan a show, the worse it turns out. Which is why you have episodes like this one, where the three of us went into the studio with IGN's retro arcade gaming fanatic Sam Claiborn with no real structure or plan in mind besides "talking about Star Wars' influence on video games." And, as you can see from the results, sometimes this approach leads to an abject failure in terms of meeting the stated objective -- we actually struggled pretty hard to come up with good examples, and honestly I don't think we succeeded. But on the other hand, the conversation itself is fun to listen to, and isn't that what it's all about? (Please say yes.)

And hey, if you hate it... Ray and Bob are up next.

In the meantime, let's go for some audience participation. What obvious Star Wars influence on games did we somehow overlook? Chastise us in the comments!

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Description: IGN's Sam Claiborn joins Jeremy, Bob, and Ray to explore more of the roots of classic games by discussing the influence of Star Wars (if any!) on the medium.