SimCity on Super NES: Great version or greatest version?

Super NES Works returns with a look at Nintendo's brilliant conversion of a PC classic.

I won't lie: I am terrible at SimCity. Always have been, and apparently I always will be. This much should be evident as you watch the latest episode of Super NES Works (which used to be called Mode Seven, but the video begins with a tidy explanation of the name change). You've never seen SimCity played like this before! (Read: Terribly.) Seems kind of a waste to go to the trouble of recording from original hardware in high definition only to squander it on such a trash performance. But what can ya do.

We discussed SimCity in a previous episode of the podcast — almost exactly a year ago, as it happens. Bob led that episode, and for good reason. He gets the workings of SimCity whereas I think the idea is neat... but in practice, I slide off the actual games like a cartoon bird that flies into a window and comically droops down the glass on its way to the grave. I want to be good at SimCity! I'm just... not.

So, as is ever the case when I encounter a game retrospective for which I am wholly unsuited to present an expert opinion, I make up for it with research and an almost astrological connecting of the dots. I don't know if that's good TV, but here we are:

Super NES Works will be my primary focus for a few months now that NES Works 1986 is sorted out. And after Super NES Works 1991 comes to a close, it'll be on to new and unfamiliar territory. For now, though, please enjoy this look back at the wonderful work Nintendo did bringing a cutting-edge PC game to its console. And yeah, I included a few parts where you can simply enjoy the soundtrack selections.