Retronauts Pocket Episode 11: Number Munchers, Oregon Trail, and More Educational Treasures from Min

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Hello, friends: It's Bob again with what might be the most educational episode of Retronauts to date -- hey, get back here! (We promise it won't hurt.)

If you're of my generation (or maybe a little older), you may remember investing dozens of normally boring school hours into the many games of MECC -- otherwise known as The Minnesota Educational Computing Corporation. This topic is a bit outside of Retronauts' typical subject matter, but MECC's output makes up a shared cultural experience for everyone who spent their "computer classes" pecking away at the keyboards of ancient Apple IIes. Enjoy, and thanks again to contributor Amy Sutedja for giving us the idea!

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This episode's description:

"If you're a child of the '80s, you may remember whiling away valuable school hours planted in front of  an Apple IIe, playing one of the many games developed by the Minnesota Educational Computing Corporation. From munching numbers to carving a path to the bounty of Oregon, the fine people of MECC gave plenty of kids a respite from long division and the shame of gym class -- and we thank them for it. Join Bob Mackey, Ray Barnholt, and Jeremy Parish as the Retronauts crew explores the wonderful world of Midwestern edutainment."

This episode's musical breakdown:

(Note: This episode contains selections from Wild Arms since the MECC games don't have much music to speak of.)

  • 13:10 | Wild Arms “Lone Bird in the Shire” (Michiko Naruke)
  • 31:54 | Wild Arms "Into the Wilderness ~ Into New Voyages" (Michiko Naruke)

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