A conversation with Tetsuya Mizuguchi and more in Episode 112

Looking back at the genesis of Rez, the 30th anniversary of Metal Gear, and the return of Fire Pro Wrestling.

A somewhat different episode this week. While in Japan to cover BitSummit back in May, I stopped by the office of Enhance Games and interviewed Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the legendary designer of games like Rez, Space Channel 5, Lumines, and more. With the arrival of an upgraded edition of Rez on Steam last week, now seemed a perfect time to share our conversation. The audio isn't quite studio quality (we recorded it in the large, open Enhance office on a single mic on loan by friend of the show James Eldred, and our interpreter Kyoko was out of town and had to Skype in her running translation); however, I think the quality of Miz's comments and remembances more than makes up for the fidelity issues.

The second half of the show is a bit more of the quality you're accustomed to as first Kishi and then Kim Justice connect to discuss the 30th anniversary of Metal Gear for MSX and the return of Fire Pro Wrestling, respectively. 

I hope you enjoy this one-off interview episode, and I hope it's something we can do more of in the future. But we'll be back to business as usual next week!

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Episode description: Jeremy speaks with legendary developer Tetsuya Mizuguchi on his start in games, the genesis of Space Channel 5 and Rez, and face-mounted Game Gears. Later, Kishi and Kim Justice join to discuss Metal Gear's anniversary and Fire Pro World, respectively.