How Final Fight gave Super NES a black eye

No, it didn't have anything to do with Haggar's spinning lariat.

Another third-party release for Super NES, another letdown. Unlike Gradius III, though, I don't think you can reasonably argue that Final Fight's technical deficiencies work in the game's favor. Gradius III's glacial action allowed players to take on a brutally difficult shooter on somewhat more even footing, but the loss of Final Fight's cooperative play, large-scale battles, and most enjoyable character does nothing to enhance the play experience.

This adaptation of Capcom's enormous arcade hit seems to have been cursed. The company revisited it twice, and in both cases they failed to restore all the missing content. At least there are some pretty solid sequels to look forward to... but those are a long ways out on the game-by-game Super NES Works retrospective series.

Video description: Capcom arrives half-heartedly on Super NES with a deeply flawed conversion of arcade smash Final Fight. Missing stages, characters, and play options, this 16-bit debut looked nice in magazines, but it didn't play nearly as impressively as Nintendo's own releases.