Looking For a Few Good Cons

Retronauts SRGERetronauts Portland cover

Hello, listeners!

As we roll Retronauts into 2014, we want to get at least one other live show in the can, and would really like to hit the eastern US this time around. But we're a bit ignorant of everything that's out there. "PAX East!" you scream -- and though that's nice and all, we'd like to expand our horizons and consider cool cons from all along the eastern seaboard.

So, please, let us know of any conventions on the east coast that you think would be a good fit for a Retronauts show! We'll consider any suggestion (or invitation, if you happen to be in charge), though it will get bonus points if it:

-Falls on a weekend: Sure, what doesn't? Well, the ones we probably won't be at.

-Is respectably sized: It doesn't have to let in 7,000 people a day, but it'd be great if it's in a city that attracts more than just the next town over.

-Is video game-centric: Naturally, though we mention it because while cons for comics, anime, etc. can be larger, there's greater competition in getting in.

That's about it. Please leave a comment or message here, or our other venues (Twitter, Facebook) and we'll see what we can do. Hope to see you on the other side. Of the country.