Final Fantasy IX now available on PS4

Zidane's back and ready to headbutt again.

Amongst a realm of other announcements for new games and all that other good stuff, Sony announced at today's Tokyo Game Show conference that Final Fantasy IX would be officially re-released for the PS4 as of...well, now. You can download it from the PS4 store as soon as you finish reading this, for the price of $16.99. In case you've forgotten what FFIX looks like, here's a little trailer.

This re-release comes with pretty much the same features as most of the PS1 generation FF game re-releases have -- obviously we've got nice, crisper graphics, but we've also got extras such as auto-save functionality, and boosters that range from very handy little tweaks such as high-speed mode, to outright walkovers such as mastering all abilities and maxing out stats. Indeed, all of this will be very familiar to anyone who's played the version of Final Fantasy IX that already exists on Steam -- this PS4 release is essentially the same.

As it stands, this is currently the third big re-release for FFIX following the Steam one, and the mobile release on iOS/Android. While it's unlikely to signal the approach of an extensive remake or anything like that, it's certainly something for those who want to give it another go again, and it'll keep Final Fantasy IX in its position of being a favourite amongst hardcore FF fans, and a game that's generally far less polarising than the ones that immediately preceded and succeeded it, even if it's probably not as well known as either VIII or X. And if you've never played FF9 before, then this is probably the best way to do so now. It's kind of a no brainer, isn't it?