Retronauts Episode 108: Marathon, Super NES Mini, FF8

It's a grab bag of topics in this multi-segment episode that might remind some of the old, old days of the show.

A slightly different episode than usual this week, one that unintentionally hearkens back to the olden days of This episode's primary conversation, a look at Bungie's Marathon series by some Retronauts East regulars, began life as a Micro episode to complement our Apple gaming shows. But it sort of, well, ballooned out of control, eventually growing entirely too lengthy to be appropriate for a Micro show. Rather than trimming it down, I decided to expand on it by bringing in our blog team regulars (Kim Justice and Kishi) to converse about some topics they've recently written up. The result is a three-part show built of separate segments like we used to do in the olden days. All that's really missing is a segment where Chris Kohler and I complain about Virtual Console. Maybe we'll pummel that dead horse a little next time around.

The timestamps for this week's topics, if you want to skip ahead to one in particular:

  • 0:00-59:55 — Marathon with Ben and Benj
  • 1:02:38-1:30:25 — Super NES Classic Edition with Kishi
  • 1:30:25-2:07:58 — The music of Final Fantasy VIII with Kim

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Episode description: Jeremy, Ben, and Benj talk about Bungie FPS classic Marathon in a Micro-sized conversation that balloons out of control. Then Retronauts bloggers Kishi and Kim Justice drop in to discuss the Super NES Classic Edition & Final Fantasy VIII (in that order).