Retronauts Pocket Episode 14: Baldur's Gate

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Finally, the unthinkable has happened: Retronauts is covering PC games! Of course, I kid—we've talked about plenty of PC games in the past (see my old episodes on Maniac Mansion and Day of the Tentacle for two notable examples), but there's no denying a lot of our subject matter is console-centric. At least, that's what the message boards and iTunes reviews have been saying. So I guess we have backer Dan Pryboda to thank for broadening our horizons a bit with his donation-backed suggestion to spend an entire Pocket episode talking about the phenomenal BioWare RPG Baldur's Gate. And for this one, I brought out the big guns: Jason Wilson, whose name may ring a bell if you've been reading games coverage for the past decade. When thinking about who to invite on as our local Dungeons & Dragons expert, Jason immediately came to mind—and after you listen to this episode, I'm sure you'll understand why. That said, enjoy our discussion, and thanks again to both Dan and Jason for being such good friends of the show!

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This episode's description:

"In 1998, Bioware changed the face of RPGs with Baldur's Gate, which did an amazing job of translating the complex mechanics of Dungeons and Dragons into video game form--and not just the dungeon crawly stuff. Join Bob Mackey, Jeremy Parish, Ray Barnholt and Jason Wilson as they discuss one of BioWare's best and gather their party before venturing forth."

This episode's musical breakdown:

  • 12:25 - Baldur's Gate "Baldur's Gate Theme" (Michael Hoenig)
  • 27:56 - Baldur's Gate "Exploring the Plains" (Michael Hoenig)
  • 45:33 - Baldur's Gate "Safe in Beregots" (Michael Hoenig)

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