Another mail call: Tell us how much you love Mega Man X

Share your opinions about and memories of Mega Man's 16-bit reinvention.

Our Super NES Classic Edition retrospective blitz continues! After we go in-depth on Final Fantasy III (we're still taking letter submissions on that one, by the way), we'll be shifting our focus to our first-ever single-game deep-dive in the Mega Man series: Super NES classic Mega Man X. Honestly, I'm a little surprised we've never gone all-in on an individual Mega Man game, as much as they're beloved 'round these here parts… but if any Mega Man can hold up to an hour and a half of introspection and analysis, it's Mega Man X.

We'll be discussing Mega Man X at length in an upcoming episode, and you definitely have opinions about it. So please share them! Drop me an email at jparish [at] retronauts [dot] com sometime this week and we'll try to read your message on-air. (You can also post a comment here, but I'll be prioritizing email messages since they're easier to sort through during a recording session.) Please try to keep your comments to around, say, 200-250 words.

What memories does Mega Man X evoke? Do you love its new spin on the franchise's design, or do you pine for the simpler NES days? Is there room for a villain besides Sigma? Do you have a favorite level or musical theme? Let us know! Because we love you!

Sigma is very impressed by your opinions about video games.