It's King of Fighters and more on this week's podcast

A double-header of Micro segments adds up to a massive full episode.

I decided to change things up a little bit this week. I've been sitting on several Micro episodes for the past few months without enough slots in the publishing schedule to do anything with them. The Retronauts podcast is pretty well divorced from the concept of timeliness, since we're covering topics that are at least 10 years old, but that doesn't mean I want episodes mouldering on my hard drive. I don't know what bit rot is, but it sounds bad and I would hate for these conversations to develop mildew or something.

So, please enjoy a two hour episode that is actually two one-hour episode combined. Like Voltron, kind of, except there's only two of them and neither of them resembles a lion.

First, the team who sat in for our Long Island Retro Gaming Expo panel (Kurt Kalata and Rob Russo of Hardcore Gaming 101 and its podcast) chat with us about King of Fighters. It's not a topic Bob and I know very well, so Kurt and Rob definitely carry this one. Then, the back half of the episode follows up on our recent arcade memories Retronauts East episode as Ben and Benj and I turn our reminiscences toward the home gaming experiences lost forever to time.

This week's cover art attempted to tie our two topics together as King of Fighters-version Athena visits one of the Toys ’R Us "walls of tags" we discussed in the back half and contemplate Micronics's godawful NES conversion of her eponymous arcade game. I call this piece, "The Reckoning."

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Episode description: Two Micro episodes combine powers to become a full episode! First, Kurt and Rob of Hardcore Gaming 101 join to discuss King of Fighters. Then, Ben and Benj follow up with a home gaming-focused counterpart to our recent arcade memories episode.