Enjoy a sunnier outlook on Mario Sunshine in Micro episode 72

Reader mail offers a positive counterpoint to our grumpy Sunshine episode.

Last week's Super Mario Sunshine had a less radiant disposition than the game's title would seem to demand. While we had some nice things to say about the game, we also qualified pretty much every positive remark with some sort of grumpy comedown. It's not our fault! As we noted in the episode, Sunshine appeared during an era in which the industry was still sorting out how to make 3D game mechanics work consistently (something that wouldn't really click for another five or six years, if we're being honest). And the GameCube era was pretty rough for Nintendo, as the console's poor sales forced the company to rush games like Sunshine and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker to market without time to apply the sheen of polish you associate with first-party Nintendo stuff.

But even if we're not entirely sold on Sunshine, there's still plenty of good to say about it… and the slack we left in the "positive opinions about Sunshine" department was more than picked up by you, the readers and listeners of Retronauts. In fact, we ended up receiving so many letters that we didn't have nearly enough time to squeeze them into the episode. Instead, we held them aside for this, a standalone companion Micro episode. In this 40-minute jabber session, the Retronauts audience provides a counterbalance for all of our negativity. (Well, mostly; there are a few podcaster-caliber grumps in the audience as well.) So if you need to have your love of Sunshine reaffirmed, rest assured that your fellow podcast fans are here for ya.

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Episode description: Yeah, it's another Mario mailbag as our Sunshine episode received way too many listener letters to be contained in the main episode. Sam, Henry, Bob, and Jeremy offer equal time to some very different Sunshine opinions than our own.