The darkest ZX Spectrum game of them all

Nothing good can come from fixing this.

It's time for another Monday video...and today's is not exactly a fun subject, put mildly -- there's one game on the ZX Spectrum that has quite an interesting story behind its creation, mainly because it was made possible by a man who was, at the time, one of the most famous celebrities in the country. After his death 20 years later, he would go on to be one of the most reviled people in the history of British television...the game in question is Super Trolley, and as ever the video can be watched here.

While it's usually common for me to go into a lot of detail about the fun I had making this video, there's parts of this -- such as the game, for example -- that I'd rather keep for the video itself to show. The big connection and reason for the darkness is, of course, Jimmy Savile -- a name which the site's American audience may only be somewhat aware of, even in the light of all the sexual assault scandals currently occurring. His scandal is perhaps the grand example in every area -- the scope of his abuse, the length of it, and that there was never an apology of any description. He died before the truth could ever come out, essentially getting away with's this story, as well as the game itself -- which is another quite grim matter in and of itself -- that this video tries to take on. I would say to enjoy it, but that may not be appropriate.