Team17's story of classic computer games, invertebrates and survival

Kim covers a company that's NOT dead?

It's Monday video post time! And as mentioned last week, it's the big video all about legendary -- and still existant -- UK developers and publishers Team17. 50 minutes worth of classic games, and looks at all of the company's big events -- from the creation of Worms to the reasons why it's still surviving, and thriving, to this day.

This video has certainly been requested for a long time, so it's nice to finally deliver it. Perhaps one of the more interesting parts is a look at the feud with the popular and outspoken Amiga magazine Amiga Power, which is still quite possibly the most bitter war waged between a games studio and a magazine in the history of the medium -- it nearly ended up in court, for heaven's sake. And while everyone knows Worms, it's also good to bring some of Team17's other work to an audience that might not be aware of it, games such as Alien Breed, Superfrog and the almighty Apidya. Even if you've only ever played the odd little game of invertebrates lobbing grenades at each other here and there, there's plenty of interesting material to gawp at in this vid, and hopefully you enjoy it.