Episode 128 explores the insanity of the collectors' bubble

Wanna own old games? Hope you have a massive inheritance to draw on.

Sorry for the belated post this week; I've been traveling all over California for the past few days recording new podcasts. But episode 128 is here, and it's a good one…

We discuss the madness and futility involved in collecting old games this week, with a panel of very different perspectives. I have been hunting for complete-in-box games to document for Game Boy/NES/Super NES Works, after which I release them back into the wild. Bob tries to keep clutter in his life to a minimum and only buys games he genuinely loves. Steve Lin has accumulated a massive collection over the course of his life and currently is in the process of streamlining it and finding a better place for the ones he doesn't need. And Chris Kohler continues to hunt for fascinating curios and great deals to build an enormous library of history. Together, we approach this topic from every possible angle.

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Episode description: High-grade game collectors Chris Kohler and Steve Lin drop by to discuss the wild ride that is the rapid inflation of classic games in the collector's aftermarket. Pine for the days when a Super Mario cartridge cost 25¢ instead of $25!

The music in this episode comes from two of the original collectors' grails: Panzer Dragoon Saga and Suikoden II, games whose value shot way, way up long before the current insanity began.