Micro 76: A conversation with The Wizard star Luke Edwards

Live from Super FamiCon!

Yep, it's another live episode from a recent convention panel. I'm afraid the sound quality on this one isn't as solid as the recent Metal Gear panel, so I apologize for that. On the plus side, though, the material makes up for it: An interview with The Wizard star Luke Edwards. You know The Wizard, right? The Rainman-meets-Nintendo road trip flick that introduced America to Super Mario Bros. 3? Yeah, that one. Well, Luke was the title character — and he sat in for a panel at Super FamiCon in Greensboro NC last month during which Chris Sims and I grilled him for an hour.

Enjoy! Music, of course, comes from Super Mario Bros. 3. O bviously.

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Episode description: Live from Super FamiCon, Jeremy Parish and Chris Sims talk about Nintendo's finest cinematic achievement, The Wizard, with the actor who played the film's title character: Luke Edwards.

Special thanks to Chris and Luke for making this episode possible, and to Joe Scott for dragging me out to Super FamiCon in the first place!