Episode 131 closes out the year with more... SEGA!

Closing out the year, but not the topic

As we close out 2017, my hope for this final episode for the year was to wrap up not only the calendar, but also the topic of SEGA's arcade legacy. We've covered SEGA's ’80s arcade history over the course of three in-depth episodes throughout the year — 1980-85, 1986-87, and 1988-90 — so I figured we could blast through the ’90s in a single shot and move along to new subjects. But no! I always think of SEGA in the ’90s as a console gaming powerhouse, but in truth they were every bit as active and innovative in the following decade as in the ’90s.

So, we get about halfway through the ’90s here, with major groundbreaking games (Virtua Fighter, Virtua Racing) and weird oddities (Spider-Man, Tant-R) alike. I guess that means you'll have to suffer through one more episode about the medium-defining works of one of the world's greatest game developers in the new year. Somehow… you'll just have to cope.

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Episode description: Jeremy Parish, Ben Elgin, and Benj Edwards convene to discuss SEGA's arcade legacy one last time. But they fail! SEGA created so many groundbreaking classics in the ’90s that this episode only covers about half of them! Oh no!

The site will be fairly quiet this week as we're on a bit of a break, but there'll still be new episodes for patrons and casual listeners alike. See you in the new year!