Game Boy reflections (and improvements) for the new year

What a difference four years of weekly video production makes.

Over the past few weeks, I've been working to redesign my first two Game Boy World books to bring them into line with the recent NES Works volumes we published through Fangamer. There's another Game Boy chronology book on the horizon, and now that these books fall under the Retronauts/Fangamer banner, I want to make sure the older books are up to code for those who care about shelf consistency. 

There has been an unexpected complication with this project, however: I suffered a massive hard drive crash a year ago that wiped out all the photo assets and screenshots for the Game Boy World 1989 book. As a result, I've had to go back and retake photos of all the games and capture new screenshots. That in turn has involved recording new video capture of the first few Game Boy releases, which reminded me that the Game Boy World episode for those titles were… not great.

I originally captured footage from a handheld emulator clone system with poor video and sound quality, until a generous viewer said, "Please, promise me you'll upgrade to HD, and I will give you some of the equipment you need to make that happen." Plus, I had never used Adobe Premiere to edit a video before the first Game Boy World episode — this entire venture has been a self-taught learning experience, and now that  it's been a running concern for nearly four years, my competence and standards have improved considerably. Since I'm trying to bring the books up to standards, I thought, why not do the same for some of the videos that inspired the books? And so, I give you Game Boy Works episode 1, remastered.

In case you're wondering why a remaster was necessary, here's the original episode. Don't let the thumbnail fool you; it's pretty amateurish.

I didn't move over to HD video capture until episode 7 or 8, if I recall correctly, so my intention is to revisit the episodes before that. Don't worry, I won't be doing it all at once — for the most part, Video Chronicles will continue its march of progress with new Super NES and Game Boy episodes aplenty in the coming months. But on rainy days, you just might have the occasion to revisit a familiar topic in far higher fidelity. Ya never know.