Retronauts Micro 80 will remind you of the babe

What babe, you ask? Yeah, you know the one.

I've been wanting to introduce media-focused episodes into the Retronauts mix for quite a while now. Yeah, we've done episodes based around games based on media properties, but they always take a passing glance at the properties before diving into the games for the bulk of the episode. This week's Micro, like the Animaniacs episode from a couple of weeks ago, changes up the mix. It's focused more on the original property — in this case, a movie — than on the related games.

That said, there's still more than a passing reference to the games! Labyrinth, the Jim Henson/George Lucas/David Bowie collaboration that propelled Jennifer Connelly to stardom, doesn't simply stand as one of the most unique movies ever committed to film; it also inspired a video game that would prove to be a crucial milestone in the history of the adventure genre. (There was also a Famicom game, but eh.)

This week, Benj Edwards, Chris Sims, and I all take a microscope to this weird, wonderful film: The marvel of its practical effects and puppetry, its themes of growing up and materialism, the rockin' synth-heavy, Fame-era, David Bowie/Trevor Jones soundtrack and score, and all those shockingly bold sexual undertones that we didn't really notice when we watched the movie as kids. And, of course, we talk about what made LucasFilm Games' interpretation of the film so remarkable, too. We had a great time recording this episode, and I think you can expect more like it down the road. 

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Episode description: Jeremy, Chris, and Benj have only 13 hours in which to discuss 1986's Jim Henson/George Lucas/David Bowie Muppet-style cult classic movie musical Labyrinth… oh, and also, the games based on it.