We spend a night at the opera with the queen of RPGs, Final Fantasy VI

Our latest podcast devotes 100 minutes to the classic Super NES masterpiece ("Final Fantasy III" if you're nasty).

Our slow-but-steady journey of deep-dive episodes into the Final Fantasy series continues apace this week, this time with perhaps the most fondly remembered chapter of the franchise. Sure, Final Fantasy VII sold better, but its predecessor — Final Fantasy VI for Super NES — seems to be the one that really sticks with people. This week, Kat Bailey from USgamer and Chris Kohler from Kotaku return to help me and Bob contemplate why so many people love this game so much.

(It's definitely because of the operatic gargling.)

Before you take the leap into this 100-plus-minute conversation, be sure to catch up on any previous episodes you've missed! We're hitting the full span of the series here…

Next on the docket? Why, it'll be the second-most beloved Final Fantasy game. Huh? FFVII? No, no… I mean Chrono Trigger.

Retronauts Episode 140
Final Fantasy VI
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Episode description: Jeremy Parish and Bob Mackey convene with Kotaku's Chris Kohler and USgamer boss Kat Bailey once again to discuss in detail the next chapter of Squaresoft's biggest RPG series: The fan-favorite, operatic, apocalyptic RPG masterpiece Final Fantasy VI.

Naturally, the tunes in this episode all come from Final Fantasy VI. You know, given that it has one of the greatest game soundtracks of all time.

I realize I forgot to include Gau in the cover art. He's, uh, off in the Veldt somewhere, trying to learn Catscratch. Yeah.