Return to Sarasaland with this Super Mario Land retrospective

Airplanes and submarines and Daisies, oh my.

You may have noticed the Retronauts site has been a little light on content this past week; that's because I lucked into a cold that some house guests left behind. I'm still struggling to shake off the side effects as I recover, but it did mean that I wasn't able to forge ahead with a brand-new video this week. Instead, I looped back to continue the remastering process for my first half-dozen or so Game Boy video retrospectives. This time, I tackled Super Mario Land, which — being a lovely game — didn't feel like such a burden even in my diseased state.

Not a lot of new info here, but who doesn't love Super Mario Land? (Don't answer that… I don't really want to know the answer.)

From here, I'm going to be focusing my video efforts on completing the current phase of Game Boy Works (another 15 games or so) in order to reach a point where I can round up all the content I've covered for the platform into another book. Once that's finished, it'll be back to Super NES and then beyond.

There's some pretty interesting stuff ahead in the coming weeks for Game Boy Works. I don't know if it will be good, but I'm certainly curious to try some of the upcoming games in the platform's release list…