Songs of Faith Healers and invertebrates


One of the joys of being a YouTuber is that you end up falling down so many different rabbit holes -- sometimes of your own creation, and sometimes of others. Just one innocuous suggestion from the comments can lead you on a strange trip, maybe even well away from your comfort zone...such has been the case with my recent output on the YouTubes. I have two videos to bring to your attention, both on wildly different subjects, one old and one (sort of) new. Let's have a look at them both!

Valentine Greatrakes: The First Modern Faith Healer is the first -- and after having barely posted anything to YouTube for about 2 months, I decided to make my return with a 45 minute documentary about an Irish faith healer from the 17th you do. This is, of course, quite an esoteric subject, and it certainly doesn't have much to do with games, but it is a subject that's deeply interested me for quite a long while...a personal project, and a chance to flex my Kim Justice stylings on something completely different. If such historical curiosities interest you, then you might wish to check this out.

One of my great supporters is a man named Gary, who has one great obsession -- that being Worms. Seriously, he is quite possibly the biggest fan of these bazooka-toting war-mongering creatures, and as a result of this he's had me doing no end of videos about them. There was the first game, Armageddon, and now finally this -- the last 3D and 2D Worms game respectively. Hopefully this will be a fitting finale, although as soon as I released this video I heard news that Team 17 are actually planning another 3D Worms game, with me in the video saying that Ultimate Mayhem would most likely be the last 3D Worms title. News has a habit of making a retrospective fool out of you.

Hopefully you enjoy these two bursts of content from my good self, and you should be prepared for more that will be very much of a retro gaming bent, as normal. Indeed, next week we'll be looking at a Sega classic that ended up being advertised on Page 3, so that should be interesting! But for now, I ask you once again to enjoy the vids.