Game Boy Works hits episode 100 with a Konami classic

100 down, another 1000 or so to go.

This week, the Game Boy Works hits a milestone: Episode 100. I kicked off this project on Game Boy's 25th anniversary back in April of 2014. That means one of these videos has appeared, on average, every other week for two years. At this rate, I predict I should make it through the entire Game Boy library in approximately 42 more years.

Please look forward to it.

All joking (?) aside, I'm happy that this week's numeric milestone coincides with a genuinely good game. Pop ’N Twinbee (aka Twinbee Da!) has a few issues, sure, but it's peak Konami: A technical masterpiece, visually sumptuous, packed with great details, and challenging as heck. The game never came to the U.S., unfortunately, but the Japanese release is pretty much text-free and goes for cheap. If you've never had the opportunity to check it out (which would make sense, given its import-only status in the U.S.), it's worth a look!

Anyway, thanks to everyone who has supported the past 100 episodes of Game Boy World/Works, either through Patreon, by picking up the books, or just by watching and commenting on the videos. I think I'm good for another 100 of these.