Millennium and Deuteros: How Humanity lived on to fight again

Friendship ended with Earth, now Moon is my best friend.

Today's Kim Justice video concentrates on two underrated Amiga games -- Millennium 2.2 and Deuteros: The Next Millennium, both of which hit the venerable computer in the early '90s. Neither are exactly lookers, but they make for a great double bill, and a surprisingly engrossing set of resource management games. As ever, the video is here.

In Millennium, a colony of humans suddenly find themselves in a pickle when a massive asteroid crashes into Earth, leaving it uninhabitable and...well, let's say it wasn't a good time for its seven billion residents. No matter, as the 200 or so of you on the colony are going to get humanity going again through mining the Moon, building probes to go out and look for other inhabitable space rocks, and ultimately having a big tussle with the other colony -- the one on Mars, who have kinda mutated in their time there and don't like you all that much. Ultimately you get back onto your home planet and, a thousand years later, the story is picked up again with Deuteros -- where you rebuild Earth, find your way back into space, encounter another set of humans and...guess what? End up fighting with them too.

While neither of these games are lookers, the subtle sound design and graphical touches that there are show what sort of atmosphere can be created even in a game that consists of little more than a few spreadsheets. Something about the subtle narrative keeps you at both games, interested to see how the next development in the tech tree's going to affect things. And really, it would be silly to look at one without the other -- so, if you're into some post-post apocalyptic fun, these games might be for you. Hopefully you enjoy the video!