The creators of the worst RPG ever bring you: The worst racer ever?

Maybe not, but Monster Truck for Game Boy definitely ranks toward the bottom.

Every once in a while, Game Boy Works brings us to a game for which no real information exists online. Sometimes, that's fine, as with the utterly benign Card Game (which was, as you might expect, a collection of traditional card games). But in the case of something like Another and Varie's Monster Truck, the utter lack of conversation about this game on the internet makes me worry I might be some critical component, some hidden piece of information that renders the game somehow less dreadful than it appears to be at first glance. 

I found Monster Truck to be almost unplayable as a racing game — not only is it unbelievable slow and clumsy, I found myself unable to change lanes to pass another racer in the third race of eight. So that's as far as I got, since no one has ever written about this game in English so far as I can tell. 

But it turns out that the failing may well belong to the game rather than to me. Monster Truck comes to us from a developer called Another, who is probably best known as the studio that foisted the legendarily terrible Famicom RPG Hoshi wo Miru Hito (aka Stargazer) upon the world. To be honest, the things that make Monster Truck terrible are quite similar to the things that made Hoshi wo Miru Hito bad. Both games seem to have meant well, and both had some interesting systems under the hood, but both were executed, uh… poorly. Slow, ugly, technically deficient, riddled with unexplained mechanics… just not the kind of cloud you want darkening your world.

Anyway, my hearty advice here is that you should never play this game. It's cool, though. There's a really good Game Boy racer on deck for next week!