Did the world need a sequel to Trump Boy?

No, but Pack-In Video made one anyone. Welcome to the world of Game Boy.

Today's Game Boy Works takes us back to the world of Trump Boy, Pack-In Video's Japan-only game about playing cards. "Trump," of course, referring to the poker term, which has become the standard catch-all word for a 52-card deck over in Japan. ("Trump" is also British slang for flatulence, which isn't not relevant to this game.)

This sequel, which arrives about half a year after the original, amounts to a refined remix of the (barely) older game. It includes another rendition of Daifugou, aka Millionaire, plus two new card exercises. The graphics are a little nicer, but this is offset by the constant presence of "The Entertainer" playing during Daifugou.

I didn't really get into it in this video, but the real reason for Trump Boy II's extremely quick appearance so soon after its predecessor is that this game supported the 4-Player Adapter and was in effect a launch title for the device. We'll be looking at that peripheral in a couple of episodes. I would have tackled it first, but there was a bit of information about the adapter that I couldn't find online. I knew I'd be speaking to people at BitSummit Vol. 6 who had worked at Nintendo with the R&D1 division during the Game Boy era, so I decided to wait to produce that video until I'd asked them for information directly. I don't get to do first-hand research often on Game Boy Works, and definitely not with Nintendo veterans, so the slight hiccup in chronology seemed a fair trade-off.

But, anyway, more on the 4-player mode in a few weeks. For now, it's… Trump Boy II.

Also, I strongly advise avoiding the YouTube comments on this video. I mean, that's usually the best approach to take in any case, but they're as bad as you'd expect. I admittedly leaned into the flare-up, but it was going to happen regardless. 2018's America, man.