A look at John Madden's debut on Nintendo consoles

It was immediately hit with a 4MHz penalty.

Remember back when Electronic Arts used to publish their best-selling sports games on Nintendo platforms? The Wii U kinda killed that, huh. But let's be honest: Nintendo's systems were never the best showcase for the Madden NFL games, and that rocky relationship goes all the way back to the very beginning. As seen here in this week's Super NES Works, a look at the Super NES conversion of John Madden Football

I don't know why SEGA felt like they had to make up nonsense about "blast processing" to make Genesis look superior to Super NES when they could have just put EA sports games like this side-by-side.

Anyway, this is a landmark football game as chronicled by someone who doesn't follow or even really understand football, so please enjoy the historical perspective and kindly put aside all hopes for cogent criticism of how Madden handled its actual interpretation of the sport.