Revisit the pioneering days of online gaming in episode 164

Plus, mail from listeners like you—read aloud!

Please enjoy this week's crazy podcast swerve. This was going to be a Micro episode, but once we had finished recording, I realized I liked the conversation and information contained here so much that I needed to elevate it to full-episode status. (For whatever reason, Micros only get about three-quarters of the downloads that full episodes see, regardless of the topic.) Also, the "Micro" was once again more than an hour long. Yeah. 

Since it didn't come in quite at full and proper length, I also decided to use this as an opportunity to finally post a mailbag segment for letters that have been long, long overdue for publication. That's your thoughts on Mega Man X, Suikoden, Final Fantasy VI, and more. Well, your thoughts if you took the time to write in. Hopefully you did.

Next week's episode will also be a multi-segment feature. Wild times ahead here in the retrogaming fields, what can I tell ya.

Retronauts Episode 164
Online Pioneer Days & Mailbag
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Episode description: A potpourri of topics this week as Ben Elgin and Benj Edwards talk Jeremy through the early days of dial-up gaming and BBS madness. Then, Shivam Bhatt and Bob help tackle a long-overdue listener mailbag.