Take a journey through Super Mario's oddities in episode 167

It's all about the kinda-classic and sorta-famous 8-bit Mario games this week.

A couple of months ago we explored NES classic Super Mario Bros. 2, by which I mean the American game released here under the name Super Mario Bros. 2... not the Japanese Disk System game published under the same title. But that controversial Mushroom Kingdom outing is still a big part of the Mario legacy, and we promised we'd be talking about it sooner or later! Now, here we are—sooner, not later. 

Ray Barnholt joins us once again, along with Henry Gilbert, to explore not only Super Mario Bros. 2 (the Japanese one), but also a bunch of other 8-bit Mario games that don't quite have enough content to justify a full episode unto themselves. That includes the original Mario Bros., completely unrelated spinoff Wrecking Crew, and even the Super Mario Game & Watch.

Heck, we even touch on the weirdo PC games released only in Japan. That's quite a spread! So tuck in and enjoy, won't ya?

Retronauts Episode 167
Super Mario Oddities - Mario Bros., Wrecking Crew, Lost Levels
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Episode description: Ray Barnholt and Henry Gilbert join Bob and Jeremy to talk about the OTHER Super Mario Bros. 2—plus, we fill in the 8-bit Mario gaps we've never touched on before. Call Foreman Spike, 'cause we're the Wrecking Crew, baby.