It's the first episode of Retronauts Micro — god help us all


Hello yourself.

This week is an off-week, which means there's no Retronauts episode. Alas! But since we have cool supporters, there's a non-Retronauts episode of Retronauts — a new off-week program called Retronauts Micro. Here, I'll let the episode description explain it:

It's our first off-week of the season, and we're going small with Retronauts Micro: Bite-sized chunklets of podcast. In this Micro episode, Jeremy flies solo and looks back at a largely forgotten computer platform: The TI-99/4A.

Libsyn (1:33:12 | MP3 Download) | SoundCloud

Sweet and to the point, right? You can certainly learn more about this madness by checking out the full-length news post at, though! Another fun thing about the USgamer version of this post: It includes a video version of this self-same episode. Madness, right? Yeah, you'd probably better go check it out.

P.S., this week, our Patreon backers are listening to the traditional "holiday death shack" episode a week early. We're about $45 away from a second live show during 2015, so... why not sign up and help make your dreams and ours come true all at once?