Does Sega Ages give us the definitive Sonic the Hedgehog?

The answer is... maybe. But hey, SEGA videos.

I've been meaning to expand the Video Works project beyond only Nintendo consoles for... well, a long time now. I have an RGB-modded Lynx and a huge stack of Game Gear software that's been collecting dust for years, waiting for my schedule to clear up enough to make it possible, but creating videos demands a huge time investment. And time, alas, is something I tend not to have in excess.

So this past week's launch of SEGA Ages for Switch seemed like the perfect opportunity to kick something off that should, hopefully, be manageable in its scope. SEGA Ages will supposedly bring two classic SEGA games to Switch per month, and one assumes the series will be finite in nature (though I wouldn't complain if M2 just keep going with the same dogged enthusiasm as Hamster's Arcade Archives). If I can crank out one of these videos every other week, this whole made venture just might be viable.

Handily, the SEGA Ages line launched with a suitably significant debut title: The one and only Sonic the Hedgehog.

Honestly, at 13 minutes long, this is barely a superficial look at the game's history and where the current SEGA Ages line sits in the company's history. But at the very least, it should give a pretty good sense of how this new reissue stacks up—where it succeeds, and the handful of areas in which it falls short. Just don't hold the quality of my Sonic play against SEGA. It's not their fault that my brain isn't wired to properly deal with the mechanics of Sonic...

My goal is to have another one of these (on Thunder Force IV) up in a couple of weeks, but please don't hold me to that!