Listener mail call: Metal Gear Solid

"A mail solicitation, huh?"

We've covered the Metal Gear series in general before, and we've taken a deep dive into Metal Gear Solid 3. But we've never put the original Metal Gear Solid under the microscope before all on its own—a situation that is about to change. To celebrate the game's 20th anniversary (yikes), we'll be going in-depth into its history, design, and story this coming weekend. Naturally, we'd like to highlight some community commentary as well to balance out our opinions!

So, here is your writing prompt:

What do you think of Metal Gear Solid, 20 years later?

You can contribute one of two ways: One, simply post in the comments below. Alternately, you can send me an email message at jparish [at] retronauts [dot] com.

The usual rules apply. Please tender your submission no later than end of day Oct. 5! And please try to keep your submission shorter than 200 words—not that we don't appreciate the enthusiasm that fuels feature-length letter submissions, but there's just not enough time to read those bad boys aloud in their entirety. Thanks!