Travel back in time to Chrono Trigger in episode 175

Wake up, Crono! It's a podcast!

Once, long ago in the distant past, in an era whose portal is labeled "1UP" at the The End of Time's nexus, we recorded an episode about Chrono Trigger and its sequels Radical Dreamers and Chrono Cross. And it was pretty good. 

But we've somehow ended up in the bad future, the one where Lavos rose and prevented Square from making any more Chrono games. It's the dark timeline we all hoped to avoid. And so, there's only one thing to do: Go back and set things right. 

Retronauts doesn't have access to literal time travel, unfortunately, but we certainly know how to send ourselves back in time 20 years to gush about a video game. This episode sees myself, Bob, and regulars Chris Kohler and Kat Bailey raving about the greatness of Square's extraordinary, one-of-a-kind Final Fantasy/Dragon Quest mash-up. Unlike our long-ago examination of all things Chrono, this one's strictly about Chrono Trigger. Two hours of Chrono Trigger and nothin' else. Hope you can handle it.

While you've probably heard many of the thoughts and opinions expressed here on previous episodes of Retronauts, there's nevertheless some fresh perspective. Kat had never played Chrono Trigger until recently, so her take on the game speaks to a contemporary adult viewpoint (not adult contemporary, that's something else entirely). Does it hold up for her as well? Gosh. You'll just have to listen to the show, I guess.

And yeah, this is an entry in our ongoing Final Fantasy deep-dive journey. Ain't no stoppin' this train we on... next stop, Midgar.

Retronauts Episode 175
Chrono Trigger
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Episode description: Jeremy Parish and Bob Mackey travel back (and forward) in time with Kat Bailey and Chris Kohler to revisit one of the greatest RPGs of all time: Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest mash-up Chrono Trigger.