Mail call: Neon Genesis Evangelion

"Write, young man*, lots of letters to our podcast!" (*Or young woman)

Another Retronauts recording weekend looms large, and you know what that means: Once again, we want you to write in with your opinions to help us pad out the epis—err, to acknowledge perspectives beyond our own! Yeah. 

In honor of the fact that Netflix has announced they'll begin streaming seminal anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion next year, we've decided to do the only sensible thing and record a Retronauts episode about it. This episode will be an even split between discussing (1) the show and its significance and (2) the video game tie-ins. Now, no Eva video game has ever reached the U.S., so we're just going to touch on the most interesting ones (there have been a ton!). So if you have a favorite import title, we definitely would love for you to write to us about it, since we don't have much first-hand experience with these games. But you're also free to write in about your general feelings regarding the franchise, or your memories of the show. 

As always, please try to keep your missives to 200 words or less. You can either post them here or send them via email to me at jparish [at[! Either way is great. Please tender your submission no later than Dec. 5, and we'll do our best to include it on the show when we record next weekend. Thanks!