Explore Konami's 8-bit Mirror Universe in episode 197

The company's MSX computer legacy is a twisted reflection of its beloved NES classics.

The guys from Hardcore Gaming 101 join the show again this week for another deep dive into one of the more esoteric corners of video game history—well, esoteric if you live in the U.S., that is. Episode 197 tackles the biggest set of game releases from one of the 8-bit gaming world's biggest companies: Konami. We all remember Konami's 8-bit masterpieces in the arcade and on NES, but the company was vastly more prolific with their Japanese and European releases for the MSX home computer (a platform that barely made a blip in the States). Although some of those MSX games have become fairly well-known even here thanks to their association with global smashes—think Metal Gear and Castlevania—Konami's work on MSX went much deeper than that and is ultimately far more fasciating. And Kurt and Rob are here to walk us through it, and offer some theories on why Konami loved the MSX so darned much.

Incidentally, some of the music in this episode can be heard on Ship to Shore Phono Co.'s Gradius vinyl releases—complete with liner notes by yours truly. I'll be diving into the recent glut of Konami LPs to have hit the U.S. market from multiple labels in the near future. As they say in 日本, "Please look forward to it."

Retronauts Episode 197
Konami on MSX
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Episode description: Kurt Kalata and Rob Russo of Hardcore Gaming 101 join Jeremy Parish to explore the alternate reality version of Konami's legendary run of NES games: Their extensive MSX home computer library. From Metal Gear to Nemesis, it's all familiar, and yet... not.