We rolled up a Katamari Damacy retrospective and created episode 205

Blasting our trash into the night sky, as Marie Kondo intended.

Hi, Katamari Damacy is more than 15 years old now, and that means you are hella old.

This episode brought two rival schools of Retronauts together, because the one thing that unites both East and West Retronauts is a love of Katamari Damacy. Keita Takahashi's quirky little garbage-collecting sim recently saw a reissue on Nintendo Switch and Steam, reminding us how much we love this strange little game. What we also realized while recording this episode is that Katamari was a pioneer in normalizing quirkiness. At the time of its debut, it was so weird to everyone... and now its whimsical text and stylized art are pretty much par for the course. 

That doesn't diminish Katamari in the least, though. It simply makes all those other games that have followed in its footsteps better.

Special thanks to Cassie Hart Kelly for her excellent cover art. Support her work!

Episode 205: Katamari Damacy
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Episode description: Jeremy Parish and Bob Mackey roll up Benj Edwards and Ben Elgin into an ever-growing ball of garba—errr, that is, an ever-growing podcast retrospective about Namco's delightful trash-gathering simulation Katamari Damacy.