Journey into Midgar with our Final Fantasy VII podcast retrospective

Well, the first part of our retrospective, anyway.

We've been working out way through the history of Final Fantasy game-by-game for the past three years now, generally with the help of Kotaku's Chris Kohler and USgamer EIC Kat Bailey, and our journey continues this week with the one most of you have probably been waiting for: Final Fantasy VII. Or at least part of Final Fantasy VII, anyway. There was so much to say about this game and its place in video game history that we weren't able to tackle it all in a single podcast—in fact, we basically just got through the Midgar phase of the game here. Yow.

Don't worry, though—despite my saying that we wouldn't cover the rest of the game for a few months, the second part of this conversation will arrive in two weeks! (Or next Monday, if you're a Patreon subscriber.)

Honestly, with a total conversation running more than three and a half hours across these two episodes, there's really not much more for I can add here. So I will let our podcastin' words speak for themselves....

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Episode 206: Final Fantasy VII, Pt. 1
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Episode description: Jeremy Parish and Bob Mackey once again meet with Chris Kohler and Kat Bailey to deep-dive their way through the history of Final Fantasy. This time they've hit the Big One: Final Fantasy VII, a game so monumental in impact it had to stretch into a two-episode discussion.