Mail call: Your video game holy grails

What gaming rarity would you choose... wisely?

One last mail call for this weekend's recording sessions, and this time it's a kind of personal question. Namely, what is your video gaming holy grail?

We're going to be talking about rare video game collectibles with rarities experts Steve Lin and Chris Kohler, and we'd like to include your perspectives as well. Maybe the games you long to add to your collection is exquisitely rare. Maybe it's insanely priced. Or maybe it's one you just haven't gotten around to picking up yet. Whatever the case, please tell us what would truly complete your collection!

So! Please hit us with your thoughts on any or all of the above! You can leave a comment here in the article or drop me a line at jparish [at] — just be sure to do so no later than Sunday morning, March 24. 

Thanks as always!