Prep for Final Fantasy VII's Switch and Xbox release with episode 209

Or as we like to call it, an episodic series done right.

It doesn't seem like so long ago that Bob, Kat, Chris, and I ventured in the megalopolis of Midgar to do battle with the tyrannical corporate cruelty of Shinra before escaping the city on a cool motorcycle. That's because it wasn't long ago—we tackled the first part of Final Fantasy VII just two weeks back. And while the combination of "FFVII" and "multi-part episodic content" might seem ill-fated these days thanks to the seemingly vaporous modern-day remake of the game, we decided to break the curse by delivering this follow-up conversation in short order. So here it is: Part two (of two) of our Final Fantasy VII retrospective series.

You'll want to listen to part 1 first, of course. And if this week's Switch/Steam/Xbox release of the game is your first encounter with Final Fantasy VII... well, go play that first and come to revisit these episodes once you've experienced this groundbreaking classic for yourself. Or listen now, if you don't care about spoilers. It's all good.

Our Final Fantasy deep-dive series to date:

Episode 209: Final Fantasy VII, Pt. 2

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Episode description: Jeremy Parish and Bob Mackey finally leave Midgar to explore the remainder of Final Fantasy VII with the help of their fellow party members, Chris Kohler and Kat Bailey.