Episode 227 runs down the food clock exploring the console roguelike

Spoilers: We only make it to Mystery Dungeon before our stamina runs out.

We have a special request episode this week from patron Andrew Duff, and... we don't quite fulfill our request. Andrew wanted us to talk about console roguelike Azure Dreams, so we decided it would make sense to turn that into a segment of our planned episode on console roguelikes (to follow up our freakishly successful PC roguelikes episode from last year, which went on to be one of our most-downloaded episodes ever despite its esoteric topic). 

But, as so often happens in roguelikes, the best laid plans have gone awry. We didn't manage quite to achieve our quest before succumbing to our frailties. We will have to roll a new character—errrr, podcast—and try again some other time. For now, though, here's a really in-depth conversation about the origins of console roguelikes!

We called into two pros for this one. First, there's recurring guest and RPG expert Jason Wilson. And secondly, we have as a call-in guest none other than the godfather of console roguelike journalism, John Harris of @Play fame. Altogether, we give the early days of console roguelikes a comprehensive treatment. It's a pretty good episode!

Retronauts Episode 227: Console roguelikes through Mystery Dungon
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Episode description: The second part of our journey into roguelike history sees experts Jason Wilson and John Harris join Bob Mackey and Jeremy Parish to explore the protoplasmic origins of the genre's console renditions through the near-perfection of Shiren the Wanderer.