Blame yourself or God for this Final Fantasy Tactics episode

Look forward to the faux-Shakespearean remake of this episode in 10 years.

We collectively continue to work our way through the Final Fantasy franchise, game by game. This time, we skip the Roman numerals and go for the jugular of perhaps the greatest all-time spin-off for the franchise: Final Fantasy Tactics from 1998.

This does mean we had to revise the panel makeup slightly, since one of our Final Fantasy regulars isn't really a big fan of this topic. Instead, contributor Shivam Bhatt steps in to describe his long-lasting affection for the game (which has a slightly surprising twist) to myself, Bob, and Kat.

If you're like us, this episode will basically make you want to go back and begin another 100-hour playthrough of the game. We make no apologies.

Retronauts Episode 234: Final Fantasy Tactics

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Episode description: Jeremy Parish, Bob Mackey, Kat Bailey, and Shivam Bhatt equip their Dictionaries and set their Reaction Skills to "Podcast Debate" as they form up into a squad and take on Final Fantasy's all-time greatest spin-off: 1998's Final Fantasy Tactics for PS1.