Celebrate 30 years of Game Boy by looking at one of its best

Wario! He'll steal your heart, then your gold, then casually pick his nose.

We covered Game Boy's 30th anniversary pretty extensively back around the time that coincided with the system's original Japanese launch. But today was 30 years on from the U.S. launch of the system, and in a perfectly fitting coincidence (which, as always seems to happen around here, really is a complete coincidence), I've gone and covered one of the Game Boy's finest works: Wario Land II

Oh, sure, this appears under the auspices of Game Boy Works Color, but the thing about Wario Land II was that it was both a black-and-white and color title, at least in the U.S. and Europe. So it qualifies, even if (like me) you distinguish between Game Boy and Game Boy Color. In fact, I'd argue that it's most impressive as a monochrome title, simply because of all it does with the hardware.

Man, look at that vibrant and exciting video thumbnail. Really makes you want to click it, huh?

Relatedly, I also appeared on the Nintendo Power Podcast with Chris Slate and Dan Owsen today, which was pretty cool. We also talked about Game Boy. I don't think I had much to say that's new to anyone who has followed Game Boy Works for a while, but it was still fun to talk about interesting Game Boy releases like Space Invaders and (yes) Heiankyo Alien.