Good ideas, done poorly: Welcome back to Game Boy Works

Athena may end up in Smash Bros., but Aretha definitely won't.

My video retrospective efforts this year have been largely focused on a single platform (the Virtual Boy), which was nice in that it allowed me to cover the system's entire library from start to finish... but bad because it pushed coverage of all the other platforms I'm interested in exploring to the periphery. Like poor ol' classic Game Boy.

So, going forward, my general plan is to single in a specific platform at a time, but still allow room to dabble in other systems' libraries. Including, for example, poor ol' classic Game Boy. Unfortunately the next stretch of Game Boy Works is going to be painfully dull, so I'm going to pick away at the mundanity bit by bit until we get through the drudgery and into the good stuff. And this will be leavened by forays into much more exciting games on NES, Game Boy Color, and... well, that would be spoiling it.

For this week, we have two games that are very much the essence of Game Boy mundanity. Go! Go! Tank attempts to put an exciting military twist on the puzzle action genre, but its controls and mechanics are so unfriendly that the whole thing is pure torture to play. And Aretha makes some ambitious changes to the console role-playing formula that renders the entire experience potentially disastrous. Ah well. The good news is that I have played them so that you don't need to.