Episode 248 runs 'n guns its way through the Contra series

Grab your spread beam.

Apparently Konami isn't as done with making video games as we all thought. This week, a new entry in the Contra series—the first in nearly a decade—hits all the current consoles, plus Steam. Early word on Contra: Rogue Corps is, shall we say, mixed.. but nevertheless, it's nice to see Contra back in action.

To mark the occasion, Bob and I invited Retronauts regulars Shane Bettenhausen and Ray Barnholt into the studio to discuss the series' legacy... except, ironically, Legacy of War. Because that game was a steaming pile.

From the arcade original through Hard Corps Uprising, we look back at the trends and concepts that have defined Contra. Aliens, spread guns, friendly robots: It's all here.

Despite the cover art, this episode is not strictly about Hard Corps. I just picked Hard Corps as the subject of the cover illustration because a cyborg werewolf and a combat aerobics instructor are more interesting to draw than a couple of meat-slab dudes.

Retronauts Episode 248: Contra
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Episode description: Jeremy Parish, Bob Mackey, Ray Barnholt, and Shane Bettenhausen use the Konami Code to tackle the challenge of recapping the Contra series, just in time for the latest entry in the franchise.